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Floyd Mayweather and fiancee Shantel Jackson broke up

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been bracelet femme grosse maille sharing pictures on Instagram of women shoes and handbags over the simple acier inoxydable 26 lettre initiale alphabet pendentif colliers femmes fille or couleur chaine collier collier femme bijoux past few days and, until now, I bracelet femme boheme didn really understand why. Apparently the bracelet femme elastique expensive bracelet femme signe infini items are gifts bracelet femme petit poignet he has given fiancee Shantel Jackson, and Mayweather may have taken them back with intent to sell them amid a tough breakup.

A report in June from notorious gossip site Media bracelet femme charms Takeout said Mayweather and Jackson split up. The report said Mayweather took back spaloria boheme mer coquille collier cou ras du cou pour les femmes couches or perles longues chaines collier mode plage declaration bijoux all of bracelet femme cordon the expensive possessions he had given Jackson in order to make her prove her worth to him while they were separated. That report came a month after another gossip site said Mayweather caught Jackson sexting with another man. Then this bracelet femme ancre marine week, Media Takeout followed up with a report saying that Mayweather was angry with Jackson for bracelet femme bijouterie throwing xq livraison gratuite longue poudre spar volume perle multicouche personnalite collier chaine gland colliers a birthday party and flirting with other men.

According to Jocks and Stiletto Jill, Mayweather ex best friend 50 Cent helped promote Jackson birthday party. Jackson even shared photos from bracelet femme tendance 2018 the party, including this one bracelet femme rigide with Akon:

We have no doubt that Jackson partnering with 50 and partying with other guys ticked off Floyd.

Over the past week, Mayweather has been Instagramming photos of podometre bracelet femme purses and shoes. This nouveaute 6 couleurs pointant la pierre de marbre blanc naturel cristal clair court delicat chaine pendentif colliers was the first one he sent:

late,Face Timing with my Mom telling her to come get these BIRKIN bags so I can have some room on my sofa HERMES Mayweather wrote last week.

Then came a photo of some shoes a few bracelet femme cluse days ago:

got a new business venture coming soon with top of the line women shoes handbags. was the caption.

The interesting part about that photo was that Mayweather mentioned michael kors bracelet femme Jackson in his caption.

The timing of all of this makes sense. In his Days in May documentary for Showtime, Mayweather said that men could have multiple women. Jackson responded and seemed to indicate she felt comfortable with that sort of relationship. But a month later, Mayweather ex and the mother of his children, Josie bracelet femme avec xq livraison gratuite nouvelle mode elegant chandail blanc chaine ms pierre pendentif collier gravure Harris, shared a picture of her and Mayweather together bracelet femme epais in bed. Jackson definitely saw that photo, because she responded by sharing pictures of all the gifts Floyd had gotten her, as if to tell tiffany bracelet femme Harris may have him in luoteemi collier en argent sterling 925 5 79ct 11mm 11mm mystique triangle concave forme multicolore populaire a la mode bed, but I the one getting spoiled by bracelet femme tommy hilfiger him. there anything we learning from all this, it might be that Shantel isn as OK with the relationship arrangement as she let on…

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