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Recipe of the Week Archives

With Halloween coming up this week, Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Today I getting ahead of the game and sharing a tutorial on how to smoke a turkey. At our house, we cook a lot of meats. We only do turkey 2 bracelet argent pierres naturelles or 3 times a year, and at this point we have cooked it by smoking/grilling, baking, and frying. Today we are going to specifically talk about smoking a turkey. I got tips to help attract round bague swarovski you get a moist and flavorful turkey, and I also got a recipe for Southern White encheres bague solitaire diamant Sauce, which is MUST have item in our house when we are having smoked turkey or chicken. Breakfast has become fairly easy for me. I generally make everything ahead of time. In the morning I just have to throw things on a plate and heat as needed. Thaxton really likes muffins, so we have those quite often. I been making them from scratch in order to pack them full of nutritious ingredients. After baking a batch I then put what we will need for the week in a container in the fridge and I freeze the rest for bague solitaire incrusté later. (Currently I have 4 types of muffins in the freezer.)

My favorite muffin is banana, so I just had to make it the first muffin Thaxton would try. As I searched for a healthy recipe, I wanted something with oatmeal and applesauce. Oatmeal has so many great health benefits, and applesauce definitely helps make a moist muffin; plus you have health benefits there too! I bague bracelet argent cheville solitaire 1,5 carat also added spinach to the recipe; this is an cb bracelet argent fact 140416 ingredient you can leave out if it is a turn off for you, but I assure you that it doesn take away from the taste, and it definitely adds more nutrients to your muffins! Hope you try and enjoy theseBanana Oatmeal Applesauce Muffins!

Thaxton is now 14 months old! How time flies! He eats cdiscount bague swarovski a variety of food, including a lot of vegetables! Our biggest eating challenge has been getting him to eat chunky foods and different textures. As a result, he still eats a lot of purees. bague solitaire or 18k For his non pureed foods, I try to give him things that bague solitaire 6 are as healthy as possible. One thing that he is very good at eating is breads and anything else from the grain group, so I started looking for healthy muffin recipes.

Today I sharing a recipe for Apple Carrot Spinach Muffins. Don let the spinach throw you! If you didn see the specks of green in the muffin, you never know they had bague swarovski femme solde spinach in them! I put spinach in Thaxton scrambled eggs, all of our muffins, and smoothies! It a great way to get some extra greens, which is something I struggle with myself!

I did take one shortcut with these muffins. I used applesauce instead of chopping up fresh apples. Thaxton enjoys applesauce, so we keep that in the fridge, and I like the idea createur bracelet argent of using what I have, rather than going out and buying more ingredients.

Apart from being very wholesome, these muffins are delicious and very moist! Hope you enjoy!

About a year ago I discovered the Instant Pot, bague solitaire diamant sur mesure and I was intrigued by all the recipes and blog posts bague solitaire diamant manege a bijoux I found online. After a couple of months of browsing bague swarovski or rose I decided I would buy an Instant Pot when they went on sale for Black Friday. And I got one! My husband was a little skeptical at first. He wondered why we needed an Instant Pot. (After all, we already have a Crock Pot!) But I promised him, it would be worth it!

Thanksgiving night I was looking online at the Instant Pot and getting ready to place some Christmas orders, when my husband walked in the door with an Instant Pot in hand! (While running out the store, he decided this would be a nice surprise for my upcoming birthday.) Now I have to admit, at first I got a little intimidated by this bague swarovski elements contraption, but luckily my husband loves to cook too, and he was happy to help me with the first recipe I decided to cook. (Since then, he been more than happy to experiment with his own Instant Pot recipes!) And like a lot of things, once I got to working with the Instant Pot, I found it very easy to use!

Today I am sharing the very first Instant Pot recipe I decided to make. It is Crack Chicken Pasta, or if you prefer Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta.

2 1/2 cups shredded cheddar bague solitaire 18k cheesePreheat Instant Pot on Saut setting; add oil, chicken, and ranch packet, stirring to coat. Cook chicken 2 3 minutes.

Add pasta, broth, and water to pot.

Close lid, lock pot. Make sure the pot is set to seal. Then choose Pressure Cook setting; then set it to 4 minutes. Cook pasta until time is up, then do a quick release and open Pot.

Stir in cream cheese, cheddar cheese bague swarovski rectangulaire and cooked bacon until combined; let pasta set

5 minutes to thicken. Serve immediately.

If you been thinking about buying an Instant Pot and just haven gotten around to it, I completely recommend it. I have the Instant Pot 7 in 1 DUO60. I have the 6 quart, but this same model comes in 3 and 8 quart. The 6 quart is a good size for our family, and it allows me to make enough food for freezing or to giveaway, and bracelet argent avec perle it has all the functions and features we need.

And if you already have an Instant Pot, then I love to have your recipe recommendations! Leave a comment here or share with me on social media. (You can also link up your recipes at our latest Friday Favorites linky party!)

With summer bague solitaire design harvests comes the opportunity to can. I love pickles, and my husband loves pickles, pickled okra, pickled bague swarovski triangle peppers, pickled sausages get the idea! So after I received some Ball Jars to review, it seemed like the perfect time to do some pickling! If you have the right recipe, homemade pickles are hard to beat! And they also make great gifts for holidays, housewarmings, hostess gifts, or bracelet argent changer couleur just a simple gesture of kindness to a friend or neighbor.

Today I going to share a few jar options available from Ball, and I got a great pickle recipe for you! In the recipe instructions, you also find tips for sterilizing your jars before use, tips about product shelf life, bague solitaire argent et diamant and more!

cucumbers (I can’t remember how many we used, but the brine rever de bague solitaire islam was enough to make 6 pints of pickles, so I’d advise chopping up enough veggies to fill 6 pints, leaving enough room to pour in the brine, of course.)…

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