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Samsung reveal two new

Samsung this week released two new tv advertisements that promote the Samsung coque iphone 5 sao Galaxy S5, one specifically showing off the flagship phone camera, the coque iphone 6 silicone adidas other to coque iphone 4 teen wolf draw attention to the Korean manufacturer sponsorship of ASP. Both ads coque iphone xs fnac are really well made and demonstrate the company increasing prowess when it coque iphone se tommy hilfiger comes to marketing.

When it comes to advertising your product, coque iphone 4 amusante it can coque iphone se france often be quite a challenge to strike a balance between getting your message across with maximum impact, while also making sure the messaging is honest and coque iphone 5 cora true to your core coque iphone 5 final fantasy values. We saw coque iphone 5s paresseux Microsoft get this badly wrong coque iphone choupette just a few days ago with tati coque iphone their new OneNote ad badly conceived and ill met. Samsung have managed to fare much coque iphone 4 minnie et mickey better with their two new TV ads, which are pretty classy by coque iphone 7 coque iphone 4 silicone originale plus world of warcraft comparison.

The first shows four top class surfers who belong to ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) Kelly Slater, Stephanie Gilmore, coque iphone 5 sur iphone 5s Gabriel Medina, Mitch Crews and Johanne Defay. The video depicts the surfers dealing with everyday challenges ending with a simple message that tells us Day is Day coque de iphone 4 et 4s stitche One Regardless of how good coque iphone 6 union jack you are, novice or pro, you will face problems on a daily basis. The addition of a piano rendition of David Bowie Absolute Beginners track is also a great touch.

The second ad coque iphone 5 guess bleu features some really coque iphone 6 harry potter 9 3 4 impressive footage taken with the Samsung Galaxy S5 camera. We rate the S5 16MP camera array as being one of the best on the market, so it is no surprise to see coque iphone 4 kawai that the footage, shot in a European modele 3d coque iphone City on a summer day, looks stunning. I like the honesty of the ad. It shows the quality of the product, using no fanfare, singing or dancing.

Both of coque iphone se transparente liquide these ads are in many ways evidence that Samsung is not only capable of producing coque iphone 7 glamour great devices that sell very well, but that they are also leaders in the field of marketing. This is marketing that even gives Apple a run for their money. Good job guys…

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