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What is new in KPIT Sparkle this year

It’s not just about ideas; it’s about making ideas happen. If coque iphone 4s rilakuma you have an idea, and if coque iphone 6s pokedex you want to bring it to life, KPIT coque iphone 6 guinness Sparkle is the platform you’ve been waiting for.

Having been around for 6 years now, KPIT Sparkle has been a key coque huawei p10 10 lite milestone on the road to shape the innovations of the future. courses on board from colleges across India and encourage innovative thinking

By bringing the industry and academia together, we encourage students and faculty to come up with innovative ideas on the most important topics of today. coque iphone 4 macaron Students from Science, Engineering, Design, and Management streams are given the opportunity to identify a real life use case or problem, develop a solution and comprehensively demonstrate it through a working prototype.

Since the past 6 years, KPIT Sparkle has successfully been running what has now become the “i Innovate” contest. Students from colleges across huawei p10 coque luxe India coque iphone 6s fleur de cerisier are given the golden opportunity to submit innovative and out of coque iphone 5c ballon de foot the box ideas across a wide range of topics. They can select their own problem statement, propose solutions and submit their ideas to the contest. coque iphone 6 normal “i Innovate” not only gives students the platform to solve coque huawei p10 lite tag problems related to specific areas within the mobility and energy space, it also awards them with lucrative awards such as IP ownership opportunities, incubation opportunities, monetary benefits, as well as coque iphone colore employment opportunities. What’s more, students get the chance to interact with and seek advice from the great minds and experts of the industry and academia, who judge the projects during the contest. Students also get the chance to work on research projects of their interest within the KPIT family.

With so many advancements happening in the energy sector, our focus this year is on “Mobility and Energy of the Future”. Through the “i Innovate” contest, students can propose a problem statement in the area of Mobility and Energy and offer their innovative solutions.

This year, the categories coque iphone 7 6 under mobility include electric vehicles, hybrid electric, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, coque de portable huawei p10 machine learning and Artificial Intelligence for electric vehicles, telematics coque iphone 5 c bmw for 2/4 wheelers, solutions for improving road safety, shared mobility, and sensors actuators for automotive.

And the categories under coque iphone 5 iphone 5s energy include energy storage technologies, energy generation technologies, and renewable energy solutions.

While the “i Innovate” contest will run as previously, this year, we’re also introducing an exciting new contest called “i can crack IT”. A contest related to real world industrial problems, “i can crack IT” provides participants with a problem statement and poids coque iphone x encourages them to come up with the best solution. All the required environment, useful links, and access to data available for research will be provided by KPIT. Students can add one faculty as a team member, and also file for a joint patent for their solution with KPIT.

Since mobility and energy are the key areas we work on, there are specific areas where we need help. Through “i can crack IT”, we are encouraging students, as well as faculty, to come up with ideas, and help us solve problems. This year, the categories for “i can crack IT” range coque iphone 5 plastique souple from automotive cyber security, connected vehicles, and infotainment to autonomous driving, electric vehicles, powertrain, alternative powertrain, automotive diagnostics, tools, and analytics. Once a student registers for “i can crack IT”, he/she can coque iphone 8 plus audi choose any category of interest. Once the problem statement is selected, he/she will receive a document with coque iphone se oreille mickey all the details about the problem.

“i can crack IT” offers lucrative internship opportunities for 3 rdyear undergraduate and coque huawei p10 lite newyork 1 styear post graduate students, as well as joint IP opportunities with KPIT. With 20 awards of INR 50k each, it also offers an industry exposure program to professors who reach the first milestone.

“i coque iphone 8 pomme Innovate” winners stand the chance to win amounts ranging from 10 lakhs coque iphone 6s rouge a levres to 1 lakh for their innovative solutions.

How many times have you come coque p10 lite huawei marseille up with an innovative idea, but failed to build a prototype simply because you did not have the right platform or the support to bring it to life

With KPIT Sparkle, that will never happen again. A team of experts from industry and academia will handhold you throughout the journey of your idea from concept to prototyping.

With 40,000+followers on Facebook and more than 66,600 impressions on Twitter, KPIT Sparkle is extremely visible. It has successfully been able to reach out to students coque iphone qui jaunit across the country with its innovation contests…

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