Coque iphone se originale UICollectionView on iPhone X is sized wrong coque huawei matebook x pro-coque samsung galaxy s6 edge belgique-nijmoh

UICollectionView on iPhone coque iphone coque naruto galaxy s8 7 waterproof X is sized wrong

The top row is coque iphone 7 tommy hilfiger cut off, and it does not scroll all the way down coque iphone 4 manga to the last magasin coque iphone paris row. Somehow, the sizing correctly calculates the width but not coque iphone 6 rigide the height, which is about 70 pixels too coque iphone 7 manga tall. (I’m not coque metal pour galaxy a5 2016 worried about the top and bottom bars. I’ll fix those later)

I’m guessing coque samsung galaxy s4 psg coque iphone 6s stranger things this has something to do with the inset adjustments for the coque rouge galaxy a5 2017 iPhone X screen, but I can’t figure out how to fix it. coque iphone 6 transparente motif I’ve tried this in where coque iphone 7 paillettes I size the collection view:

To coque iphone 6s rose gold clarify, the set up for this menu coque iphone 8 personnalisable is as follows, there are actually two collection views onscreen. coque iphone 7 noir de jais coque galaxy a20e rose The first scrolls horizontally with coque iphone 6s psg paging enabled so that it locks onto each cell. The other collection views are the cells for galaxy note 9 coque rigide the first one, and they scroll vertically. We’ll call these subCollectionViews.

The subCollectionViews are receiving a size from the original collection view aliexpress coque iphone 7 thats too tall. On the storyboard, the collection view’s height is defined with respect to the coque iphone 6 et 6s top bar and coque iphone 6s homme the bottom paging bar as flush. In the coque iphone 6/6s story board, the height of the collection view is about 70 pixels larger coque iphone 6 transparente avec motif than the calculated height during runtime…

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