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Video Depicts Likely Fake iPhone X

There have been rumors coque samsung s8 officiel suggesting fnac coque samsung j5 Apple is working on a second generation iPhone SE, but none of those rumors have indicated the device will take on iPhone X design elements. There is no indication that the coque samsung galaxy fame lite device in the video is a valid Apple product at all, and in fact, it conflicts with rumors we’ve heard about a potential future iPhone SE 2.

For example, KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo, who often shares reliable information on Apple’s upcoming products, has said that if a new iPhone SE coque samsung core plus g350 2 is indeed in the works, it’s not likely to offer design updates or coque samsung s7 edge bleu outward facing changes due to coque pour huawei y6 pro 2017 disney coque samsung galaxy s gt-i9000 Apple’s work on the three iPhones expected in September of 2018. Kuo is, in fact, skeptical that a new iPhone SE 2 is in development right now.

Rumors about the iPhone SE have been somewhat conflicting in general. Supply chain rumors in November indicated an iPhone SE 2 would be released in the first half of site coque samsung 2018, but recent information suggests Apple has no plans to introduce a new iPhone until later in 2018.

Sketchy rumors from a Chinese site also recently said Apple would introduce a new iPhone SE that looks similar to the current iPhone SE at WWDC, but the site has no reliable track record.

All in all, Apple may have a new iPhone SE 2 in coque samsung j3 2017 harry potter the works, but it’s unlikely that the device is going to adopt iPhone X elements as the iPhone SE is a low cost device while the iPhone X is Apple’s top of the line flagship smartphone.

Later in 2018, Apple is expected to introduce a second generation iPhone coque samsung s 3 X with a 5.8 inch OLED display, an “iPhone X Plus” with a 6.5 inch display, and a lower cost iPhone with a 6.1 inch LCD display. All three of these are expected to adopt edge to edge displays with minimal bezels and the TrueDepth Camera system for Face ID.

It could perhaps be argued that the device in the video is the 6.1 inch iPhone, but we’ve heard no rumors suggesting that particular device coque samsung s6 edge swarovski will have an iPhone SE style body thus far.

Related Roundups: iPhone SE 2, iPhone XSmmm looks real to me, go back and watch the UI closely.

If this is coque samsung galaxy edge plus an android copy, it coque samsung s5 transparente copying iOS so well and it essentially indistinguishable, look at the unlock animation and swipe up animation, I just don see a cheap android copy that look anywhere close coque huawei y6 pro 2017 silicone basket ball to this. It also wouldn make any sense since most android knockoffs are really shobby. I can see any single UI element in this video that says it not iOS.

I pretty sure this is a fake. I do UI/UX design work and notice small details. The lock icon at the top doesn unlock when he swipes up. coque marque huawei p20 pro On my iPhone X the icon does a quick unlock animation before it opens unless it is already unlocked from looking at it. I did a frame by frame and it looks like the lock stays locked when he swipes up. It also coque qi huawei mate 10 pro didn blur out the lock screen and have ID text on the display while unlocking. It a fake.

I closely examined the three times he unlocks the device in the video at .25 speed. The first time it indeed did not show the unlock, but I tried it at roughly coque samsung galaxy edge 7 the same timing on coque samsung galaxy j5 2016 pas cher my iPhone X and sure enough there was no blurred screen with Face ID and no unlock animation. The 2nd time he unlocks it, it shows the unlock symbol. The 3rd time at the end of the coque samsung galaxy ace gt s5839i personnalisable video, it shakes the lock, showing it denied his coque huawei p30 pro officielle face, presumably because it was sitting flat on the table or his camera/phone was blocking his face.

If its CGI, that some hyper accurate screen placement and reaction times, since everything he does on screen coque huawei p20 pro silicone couleur happens without delay. Quite impressive for an amateur video.

If it a clone, that is honestly coque samsung j3 6 silicone the best clone I ever seen. Appears to be made of steel like the iPhone X, has an edge to edge notch screen, animations are 100% accurate and smooth with no hesitation, the blurs, colors, and parallax affects are accurate, and apparently has some form of working FaceID. I would also buy said clone in a heart beat just to mess with it since it looks so realistic.

I don mean to jump the gun, but this thing looks like the real deal to me.

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